September 18, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Often we get asked about our train rides. Find some of the more frequent questions below!

Is the train handicap accessible?

Our equipment is historic in nature, with some equipment being as old as 100 years, making it impossible to bring it up to ADA compliance. We will make every accommodation we possibly can for those with disabilities. Our depot is equipped with a wheelchair lift, but Wheelchairs are limited to 24 inches in width for both the lift and onboard the train. Parties with a wheelchair should make a note when purchasing their ticket or calling our depot.

Are there restrooms onboard?

Yes, there are restrooms onboard, but we recommend you make use of the fully furbished bathroom trailer near our depot before or after departure.

When should I arrive for my train?

You should plan to arrive 45 minutes to 1 hour before your train to pickup tickets at out ticket counter. Boarding for most of our trains begins half an hour before the scheduled departure time. If a train is expected to leave at 12:00 pm, boarding begins at 11:30 am.

I have a group of several people and we’d like to sit together, but made separate reservations. Can we still sit together?

Yes! With the exception of our Santa Claus Express trains, we have an open seating policy. Simply board at the same time and you will be seated together.

I have a family of 4 riding. Do the seats all face the same way?

We have a type of seat known as “walk over” seats. These seats are benches that can face either forward or backwards, so you can configure them however you like!

Is there food and refreshments on board?

Yes! Many of our trains offer complementary snacks, but our dining car serves a selection of light snacks such as hot dogs, popcorn, chips and candy as well as soda and water on every train. You are always welcome to bring your own food.

Where are you located?

We are located in Central New York, halfway between Binghamton and Albany. Out exact street address is 136 East Main St, Milford, NY 13807